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May 24, 2016 11:32:00 AM by Frank Denbow

Why Customers Love Free T-shirt Giveaways



You value your customers, right? If so, why not show them the appreciation you have for their continued patronage with a custom t-shirt? Not only will this provide you with an affordable way to market your business, but customers really love this type of tangible, long-lasting freebie. Some of the specific reasons that your customers will love receiving a free t-shirt can be found here.


Everyone Loves to Get Something for Free

Who doesn’t love to get something for nothing? Especially something with a real use? T-shirts not only provide you with the opportunity to get your business and brand “out there,” but also gives your customers something useful. Most customers would agree that free t-shirts are a much better giveaway than items such as a calendar, pen or koozie. T-shirts are something that virtually everyone can use and, therefore, everyone will love to get.


Feel Like Part of the “Club”

Being a part of something is a huge draw for some people. When a customer receives a t-shirt with your business logo or brand name on it, they will begin to feel like a part of your exclusive club. In fact, this type of feeling can increase customer loyalty and help ensure that a customer keeps coming back and shopping with the company. Everyone wants to belong, and when customers receive a custom, branded t-shirt, they will have this sense of belonging.


They Receive Something that is Long-Lasting

T-shirts are much longer lasting than other types of giveaways, such as branded cups, keychains or pens. They can be washed and worn time after time. This makes it a giveaway that is perceived to be a higher value than others, even if you got a great deal on a bulk order. Not only will the customer appreciate a longer-lasting item, each time they put it on they will be advertising for your business – this is a win-win for you and your customers.


They Have Something to Show-Off

If you get a great deal on something or even snag it for free, chances are you will want to show it off to any and everyone you can. A free, branded t-shirt creates the ideal opportunity to do just that. Not only will your customers get something to wear, but it will also become a conversation piece, around your brand and business, about how they got the shirt and the business in general. This can lead to more interest, business and sales, making the t-shirt a smart investment. Just make sure to make the t-shirt interesting!

Don’t feel like just because your business is small, or just starting out, you don’t have any effective means of reaching your customers. An affordable and effective option is to purchase and distribute branded t-shirts for free. As seen here, there are quite a few reasons that your customer’s will love this gesture and it will allow you to get the most notoriety possible, for the least amount of investment in regard to time and money.


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