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Sep 20, 2015 10:18:00 AM by Frank Denbow

Updated Pricing Estimator, Lower Prices & FAQ Page

We've just updated our Pricing and FAQ page ( ) with a few new tools:


Pricing Estimator:



Our pricing tool makes it simple to get a general idea on pricing with a few clicks. View various styles as well as the pricing per item for various quantity and print color combinations. As you increase the colors, you'll see new colors added to the designs below.


You'll also see our pricing for fulfillment and shipping beneath the pricing estimator.


New Tee, Lower Prices
The newest tshirt added to our list of options is now the Anvil 980 , a solid basic cotton shirt that we have printed on and really like for the cost. You can get these starting as low as $5.21 / each.


We've also lowered the price on our most popular shirt, the American Apparel 50/50, which you can now order for as low as $8.34 / each. As we continue to grow, we'll keep finding ways to lower the costs for you while still maintaining the same high standard for quality.


FAQ & Knowledge Base:

We've put together a knowledge base with some more information on frequent questions. Check the pricing page for answers to the most common questions and suggestions.

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