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Aug 3, 2016 11:22:06 AM by Frank Denbow

Shopify App for StartupThreads

Selling your StartupThreads items just got easier with the introduction of our new Shopify app.





- Import Products from StartupThreads : Easily import all your products, updated with the proper sizing options, weights, and a base price 


- Automated Shipping and Tracking : New orders automatically get sent to your StartupThreads account and will be shipped out (if you have inventory and funds in your account balance). Tracking codes are updated in Shopify to let your customers know exactly when their items will arrive.


- Live Shipping Rates : Get live shipping rates in your checkout, making it easy to add the exact rates you'll be charged to the order


- Quality Printing : All items are still screen printed with the highest quality inks and fabrics, ensuring the same great quality from StartupThreads


- Custom Packaging and Inserts : Create custom packaging and include inserts like stickers, notes, and more


 - Inventory Sync : If you're limiting your offerings to only whats in inventory, your inventory numbers are constantly being synced so you'll have accurate numbers (even if you're sending out shirts from your StartupThreads dashboard in other ways)


Learn more here 





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