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Jul 12, 2016 10:30:00 AM by Frank Denbow

New APIs and Updates

We've pushed out some updates and new endpoints to our API:


New Endpoint: Shipping Cost




One new endpoint that we have added is the Shipping Cost API, which you can use to get the shipping cost for a particular set of items.  You input a set of line items and an address and you will get back the shipping cost for that package.


This does not create an order, it simply lets you find out how much it would cost if that order was to go through. You can use this in your integrations (especially with ecommerce platforms). Check out the documentation here


API Updates:


- Email Field On Inventory Shipments : When creating an order via the Inventory Shipments api, you can now send the email address of the recipient. This is useful as you can automatically send those recipients tracking information when their orders ship.


- Full URL in Giveaway API Response : When creating a giveaway using the API, you can now get the full url to give to your recipients


- Available Sizes in Items.json : A list of all the available sizes for a particular item are now returned in the Items.json. You can use this list of sizes when giving options for a particular item, as some have different sizing specifications than others (some are only womens sizes, some have 2XL and 3XL, etc).


- Weights in Items.json : The api response for Items.json now returns a list of weights for each of the available sizes. This can be useful if using it to calculate the estimated weight of a package and can be used in your integrations


All of these updates are live and the details can be found on the documentation page here




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