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May 26, 2016 11:30:00 AM by Frank Denbow

5 Ways To Get People To Wear Your Startup T-shirts Everywhere



Have you ever gawked at another startup’s t-shirt, in awe of the sheer creativity it displays? After gawking for a while, did you think about what would have to be done to get your own, gawk-worthy shirt? While anyone can create a branded t-shirt, only the truly creative few can create ones that will make customers, employees and, maybe, even competitors want to put it on and show it off.

Create a Shirt that Stands Out

Pick a color and style that will help your t-shirt get noticed. Hopefully, you have already selected a vibrant color for your brand that will translate well into shirt form. If this is not the case, then choose a similar color or integrate your image or logo to work with the more vibrant color option – such as placing a colorful logo on a black background. Also, a helpful tip is to remember that while blue may be your first inclination, it is a color that is overdone. Be different and be bold, you will not regret it.


Keep Things Simple

This does not mean that you choose a whimsical graphic t-shirt, but rather choose a clear and simple representation of your brand and business. You can always opt to change your logo to a solid white and then transfer it to your bright t-shirt. This is easy on the eyes and reduces the need to pay for multi-color printing. Keep things simple. If a t-shirt is overly complicated chances are it will stay at the back of the wearer’s closet.


Use a Trending Image, Sign or Topic

When you want something to be used often, you have to make it appealing. Consider something that is trending and then implement it on the t-shirt. This will help ensure the shirt is worn often. However, try not to choose a symbol or image that is too trendy, since it may go out of style just as quickly. Also, pick something that relates to your brand or business to make it relevant.


Choose a Comfortable Material

There are all sorts of materials that can be used for business shirts. Sticking with a 100 percent cotton option or cotton blend is going to be your best bet. This is because this material is comfortable, soft and will not shrink. This will also make it more appealing for the shirt to be worn often. If you opt for a stiffer material, you may turn off some potential wearers.


Make the T-Shirt Funny

A funny shirt will make everyone smile. This includes the wearer, as well as those who are around them. It will also draw attention to the wearer, which most people enjoy. If you have a funny saying or quote related to the product or service you offer, then put it on your shirt. You will be surprised how many people will wear your shirt when it elicits a smile and giggle from others.


Put some time and effort into your t-shirt design to achieve the best possible results. When you implement the tips here, you will find that people will want to wear your shirt all the time. This will help to spread your brand name and keep what you have to offer at the forefront of people’s minds.


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