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Jun 2, 2016 11:30:00 AM by Frank Denbow

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in T-shirts for Your Startup Marketing Plan


T-shirts are a great way to express your ideas. You can put on any message, logo or image to help “spread the word” about who you are and what your business has to offer. Regardless of if you are trying to get your business more exposure, highlight what you offer or create a unique giveaway that customers will love, t-shirts are a great option. Some of the main reasons you should consider investing in t-shirts to giveaway for your business are found here.

Increase Brand Awareness

Advertising is just one part of branding. This is when a particular service or product is promoted with a special offer of other inventive. Brand promotion is when the general image of an entire business is promoted. Both branding and advertising will promote awareness of your business, but it is actual brand promotion that provides the opportunity to express a bit of creativity. When a t-shirt is used, it can increase brand awareness in an extremely effective way.


Provide the Customer with Something Valuable

While t-shirts cost more to produce than items such as fridge magnets, tote bags, mouse mats, stickers and flyers, they offer additional benefits, as well. They can translate into a better image for your brand and business and provide a more effective method of brand exposure. People are more likely to wear a t-shirt they like the look of or which promotes something of value to them – compared to a promotional coffee mug which may sit in the cupboard. Businesses are more likely to attain higher sales with t-shirts which makes the initial cost more worth it. Buying in bulk can also save a lot of money.


T-Shirts are Used, not Trashed

Customers love to receive promotional wearable items. Things such as calendars, pens and business cards are usually discarded rather quickly, leaving you with a complete waste of money. When you give out free t-shirts, you will be welcoming people into your exclusive club and let them know you want them to be a brand ambassador. This will create a sense that they are special and increase their overall perception of the brand.


Promote the Business without Breaking the Bank

The majority of start-ups are not able to afford to invest in major advertising channels. However, with a free t-shirt, you have a great way to achieve the exact same results as conventional and commercial advertising, but on a much smaller scale. Since t-shirts represent a more personal way to communicate the brand, they can be quite effective in building a great brand image early on in the life of the business.


Creation of a Memory Hook

When something is heard or seen multiple times, it is much easier to remember. While many promotional items actually meet this criterion, there is an added advantage of using a wearable promotional item, such as a t-shirt. Not only do they provide a strong and effective memory hook, it will also expose the company to anyone the wearer comes in contact with.


If you see the advantages offered by giving away a promotional t-shirt for your business, then you should begin exploring the options that are available. Let your creative side run free and create a t-shirt that people will not only love to receive but also wear.


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