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May 31, 2016 12:30:00 PM by Frank Denbow

3 Emotions Someone Should Have When Looking at Your T-shirt


While you may not think that a branded t-shirt could do much when it comes to emotions, the fact is, this is simply not true. When a shirt is carefully created and printed, it can illicit quite a few emotions. The key is, getting the type of reaction that you desire. Three emotions that your customers should have when looking at the branded t-shirt you have created are found here.

Interest and Intrigue

You have to create a t-shirt that is going to be interesting to look at. This can be done by using vibrant, eye-catching colors, or a thought-provoking quote. The key is to get people to look at the shirt and then want to know more. The goal of any advertising effort is to get more calls, get more bodies in the door and get more sales. If your shirt is blank, bland or less than impressive, it is going to fade in line with all the other boring and drab branded t-shirts that have been created by other companies, perhaps even your competition. When you do something new, different and unique, you can stand out from the crowd.


An Overall Good Feeling

Another emotion that should be on your list of goals is, to put it simply, a good feeling. This means when someone sees your shirt they get a positive impression about your brand or business. Some ways to do this include listing sponsorships you have, emotion-provoking words such as “#1,” “Best-Selling,” and “Eco-Friendly.” While this may seem a bit over the top, when someone sees this on your shirt, it will automatically register as a positive thing with the person who is looking at it, even if they don’t even realize it. A good strategy is to learn what your customers want and then play into this.


A Need to Learn More

The best way to get a customer to call or visit to learn more is leaving them with a taste of what you have to offer, but not everything. Give them a glimpse of something you do, but asking a question, such as “Are you tired of slow flowing drains?” After that comment on the shirt, list a website or phone number. Chances are if a person answered “Yes,” they are going to take action to learn more. You can’t give up all your secrets on a t-shirt, this would then be all your potential customer needed. With a smartly designed t-shirt, you can easily leave those who see it wanting to know more about who you are and what you have to offer.


Creating some type of emotion with your brand t-shirt can seem like quite a challenge. However, when you take some time to really think about the design and what you want to get across to customers, you will be able to create the emotion you desire. Three emotions to aim for are highlighted here – you can go for all three, or just one, the decision is yours.

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